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                        Your Boudoir Experience with Megan VanDort Photography, Grand Rapids Boudoir Photographer                                      Capture Your Confidence and Beauty Through Boudoir

A Boudoir Session, just like the art produced, is a very personal and intimate experience.  After all, I'm guessing it isn't often you sit around in lingerie while someone takes your photograph!  Choosing the perfect Grand Rapids photographer for you is so essential in getting those beautiful pieces of art you are after.  It is the difference between having relaxed, sensual images to having awkward uncomfortable images.  Picture those 90's "Glamour Shots" with the crazy hair and awkward expression and poses.  No one wants that for their Boudoir Session! 

My main focus in photography is Women's Portraiture.  What is that you ask?  Well it is my way of saying, I photograph women to make them feel amazing!  With each session my goal is to help you feel Strong, Confident, Stunning and Unique.  In a society where we hear beauty is measured by a number, whether it be dress size, height or age, I want to show women they are beautiful, no matter their number!  Every woman deserves to see the beauty in themself and I want to help you find it. already know your stunning?  Wonderful!  Then your session will show off everything you love about yourself.  And if you haven't truly seen how amazing you are yet, then just wait for our session!  You can't leave a Boudoir Portrait Session with me without feeling absolutely beautiful!

Are you wondering...aren't these images supposed to be for my Husband (or significant other)?  Don't you worry, we are going to get those images he wants.  The portraits will be beyond his imagination!  But while we are getting those images for him, we will also be getting those pieces of art for you.

Read below to find out more about what your  Boudoir Session will be like with Megan VanDort Photography.  To see some examples of recent Boudoir Sessions take a look at my Boudoir Portfolio and some featured Boudoir Blog Posts


"Amber's" session was shot in the downtown Grand Rapids studio.  In the studio you will find amazing props such as this faux fur rug.  This was one of my favorite sessions!  Not because "Amber" was so comfortable in front of the camera (which she was!), or because rocked all her poses, but because of the connection we had.  We had a blast and quickly became friends just laughing and taking pictures.  To see more of her session, read her blog post here.


Before Your Boudoir Session Begins

I offer a complete and customized experience from start to finish and deliver high quality, archival and fine art pieces.  Wow that is a mouthful!  Basically, you will be pampered throughout the whole experience and only receive the finest products. 

During our initial phone chat, we will get to know each other and what specifically you are looking for in your session.  Are you looking for a fun and lighthearted session?  Or perhaps a sexy and sensual session?  Are you doing this to show-off a recent weight loss?  Or perhaps to feel good about yourself?  Is it your husband's birthday?  Or maybe an Anniversary gift?  These questions really help me understand you and what you want to achieve from your Boudoir Experience.  You will also be able to get to know me and my personality.  I have also complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions, to help you prepare for our session.

One of the many ways I personalize your Boudoir Experience is with stylized wardrobe coaching...helping you choose the perfect lingerie for YOU!   Let's be honest, this plays a huge part in rocking your shoot!  Proper fitting attire and lingerie that accents the best assets, while diminishing the ones you want to hide, are key.  I will work closely with you to find the best outfits for your body type. I get to know your personality, body type and anything you might want to highlight or hide.  Then I either go on a shopping trip with you, create a Pinterest board with the perfect lingerie for you (and where you can buy it) or give you helpful hints and tips while you are shopping. 


Meet "Sara", another of my favorite sessions, which took place in the Grand Rapids Studio.  "Sara" wanted to add some personal touches in her session.  Clients include everything from the high heals they wore at their wedding, props that speak to their significant other, or in "Sara's" case an owl necklace.  She LOVES owls and wanted them to be incorporated in some way into her session.  This little personal touch makes these photos so much more intimate.  Take a look at the this blog post to see more pictures from this session!


During Your Boudoir Session

Hair and makeup can be a very personal choice and for that reason I don't require you to see my Grand Rapids artists, however I HIGHLY recommend using them!  They are the best of the best and are known throughout Grand Rapids for their skill.  They will help transform you into the most amazing YOU you have ever seen!  Take a minute and meet my makeup artist, Allison.  If you would like to see even more examples of her work, please visit Allison Bower's site here.  To learn more some of the products she loves, take a look at this blog post Makeup For Your Photo Session.

Our session will take place in one of four places, your home, the Grand Rapids studio, a hotel room or an outdoor location.  This is always up to you.  Some people feel more comfortable in the privacy of their own home and I am happy to accommodate.  Another option is the studio, where you have access to a wrought iron bed, unique furniture, faux fur rugs and plenty more.  It is truly a beautiful place for your session!  Other people choose to make a weekend of our session by purchasing a hotel room.  Which they then use for a fun night on the town with girl friends or a romantic evening with their husband!  Another great option is an outdoor location.  I have shot numerous sessions on client's property.  This can add such a fun and unique twist to the classic Boudoir Session.

Once you arrive at our session all glammed up, we will look through your lingerie choices and talk about specific props, poses and accessories for each item.  I typically like to start the session with the lingerie that you feel most comfortable in, which tends to be the piece that covers you up the most.  That way we can ease you into this fun process without overwhelming you! 

Most women are terrified of posing.  Don't worry, you are NOT expected to know what to do!  That is what I am for!  I will help pose and guide you throughout the session.  If you are a little unsure of your body and have some insecurities, don't worry!  I myself am plus size and know how hard it can be to get in front of the camera.  But I know how to create amazing images that flatter your body type!  There are three key aspects that go into making you look amazing!  The first is your lingerie.  Luckily we had worked closely before the session, so you have the best lingerie for your body!  The second is lighting.  Lighting can bring out all the bumps, lumps and uneven skin...or it can hide it all!  I manipulate the lighting to make sure your skin and body look beautiful.  Third, and most importantly, is posing!  Just slight adjustment in posing can make all the difference from a flattering image to one you don't care for.  Each client has something about themselves that they do not like.  I work with you to make sure these areas are diminished, while playing up your best features.  All three of these aspects are what make a Boudoir Session and the images amazing, empowering and beautiful! 

During the session we will listen to some music, talk about our lives and possibly laugh at what feels like the silliest poses to put you in (don't worry, they look amazing through the camera's lens...even if you feel silly at the time).  Before you know it the session will be done and you will be wondering where the time went.  The session will be a blast and a day where everything is about pampering you.  It is actually a little sad when it is over with!


I love when clients want to do something a little different!  Like this outdoor session in a blueberry field in Holland Michigan.  Though this was a cold and cloudy day, you would never have known it by how these girls rocked their session!  Check out this blog post to see more outdoor Boudoir images. 


After Your Boudoir Session

After the session and getting those beautiful pictures you are after...I'm sure you will be dying to view them!  So I will work as fast as I can to edit the portraits so you won't have to wait long!  I cater the amount of editing toward the specific wants and needs of each client!  Some women prefer to have no altering or retouching, while other women want the full gamut...teeth whitening, wrinkle reduction, blemish removal, lumps and bumps soothed out, a little nip/tuck...etc.  I am happy to do either and will edit the images to your level of liking.  Now this does not mean I can make a size 18 women and size 2!  And why would I want to... you are awesome and rock those curves!  But I totally understand wanting to take away those little "quirks" of yourself that you don't care for.  

After the images are edited, we will set up a time for your Viewing/Ordering session.  During this meeting you will be get to view your images and see all of the thought and time you put into that day .  We will probably laugh and maybe even cry.  Don't worry, that is normal when you truly see yourself and how stunning you are!  After you view the portraits, you choose which images you love and can't live with out.  Then you can see, touch and feel the luxury items I provide my clients, like albums, keepsake boxes, Image Folios, prints and canvases.  We will find the perfect products for you and your significant other!  Click here to see Pricing information

And that is it!  Easy as can be!  I will create and order all of your products and get your images together for you.  The only thing left you have to do is surprise your love with this amazing gift.  And trust me, that will be a fun day for you both!



Hear Past Client's Boudoir Testimonials

Still a little nervous about your session?  Don't be, we will have a blast and you will love your images!  But don't take my word for it...hear what past clients have said!  To read more Testimonials, click here.

Glamour Portrait in West Michigan
Megan is AMAZING, not only at what she does but she is a phenomenal person as well.
In every step of this process, Megan gave 100 percent at all times. She is BRILLIANT at posing and setting the tone for a fun, yet professional session. It was as comfortable as working with my best friend!

I was so shocked when I saw my proofs, never have I felt so beautiful, strong and sexy. This is exactly what every woman needs in their life, it’s a GREAT confidence booster – especially before a wedding. The album and print are absolutely wonderful, even better than I had anticipated. Megan’s packages are priced perfectly for the quality of the product. I would recommend Megan for any type of session!!”
Grand Rapids Michigan Boudoir
Had an amazing experience with Megan!! She accommodated all of my needs when it came to my boudoir shoot, going out of her way to make sure we could get it all done before my wedding. Highly recommend her! She is super nice and very professional. Not to mention she does incredible work! My pictures turned out beautiful and made me feel great. Thank you so much!!
West Michigan Boudoir Images
I came to Megan with a last minute request and could not have been happier. Megan made the session extremely comfortable and it was a LOT of fun. I was so thrilled with the end results. I would recommend Megan to anyone! Megan really exceeded my expectations by far!!
Beauty Portrait Holland MI
I can’t say enough about what Megan has done for me. I presented her with a very unique idea for a photo session and she not only ran with it, and made me feel comfortable with it, but she also was immediately passionate about it and helped me tell my story and document my journey through cancer in an incredibly beautiful way. She immediately made me feel comfortable, she was incredibly professional yet it felt like my bff was taking my photos, and she never left me feeling like I didn’t know how I should be posing or what should I be doing with my hand in that awkward position... she would always jump in and correct my pose or smooth a wrinkle in my clothing before she snapped her next photo. She took the time to notice details and made sure to capture me in the most flattering way possible, while still artistically managing to express strength and vulnerability at the same time. I couldn’t be happier with my photos, and I will certainly be back for update photos as time goes on. Thank you for everything, Megan. I never would have thought that I would be saying this at this point in my life, but your photos made me feel beautiful, confident, and strong for the first time in months. You have a true gift.

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