West Michigan Frequently Asked Questions about a portrait session
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What should we wear?
I provide my clients with Stylized Wardrobe Coaching so you can find the best outfits for your body and personality.  To give you a general idea: neutral colors and bright colors tend to photograph well.  I believe soft neutral colors photograph the best and tend to recommend them the most however.  While it used to be popular for everyone in the family to match exactly (ie, everyone wears white shirts and jeans), many families are now leaning towards choosing a color palette and then letting each family member choose their favorite clothes within those colors.  Try to pick 2-3 colors and pick clothing that falls within different shades of those colors.  A wonderful photographer has put together a great visual guide on what to wear, which you can read here.  Also, consider where the pictures are being taken.  If the photoshoot is outdoors against green trees, you are going to want a contrasting color so that you stand out from the background.  The most important thing is to choose clothing that matches your family's style and especially for kids, something that they will be comfortable in and happy to wear.

I also suggest avoiding clothing with big patterns, logos or characters. They can be distracting and take the focus away from your family's happy faces.  Also try to stay away from white clothes, as they tend to wash out the subject.

What should we bring?
If your family includes small children, you may want to pack a small backpack with snacks and juice. Children (and adults) are always in a better mood if they have full bellies and are well-rested. You can also feel free to bring along any toys that your child loves and that you don't mind them being photographed with.

What is a typical session like?
A typical session lasts around an hour, sometimes two, at an outdoor location or in the families' home. I try to make it relaxed and fun, and while some of the portraits will be posed, I also try to capture the natural moments in between. You should feel free to let me know if there are certain poses or groupings of family members that you want included. I'm always willing to incorporate your ideas, so don't be shy if you have any suggestions!


What happens if it rains?
Lightly overcast days are fine, but if it rains, or is very dark outside due to cloud coverage, we will either need to move indoors to a location with a lot of natural light, or reschedule the session. Weather in our area often changes quickly, so it's sometimes possible to reschedule for an earlier or later time on the same day.


Do you travel?
Yes I do!  I shoot at many locations.  Grand Haven, Holland, and Grand Rapids are just of the few cities I will travel to.


Do you sell high resolution digital files?
All of the Collection Packages include the digital files! Lets be honest, in today’s digital world, that is what we all need and want!  Along with the full resolution digital files you will also receive the same photos resized for web use and a print release for all purchased files. I also offer high-end heirloom items such as albums, canvas, prints, videos and keepsake boxes.


What is a Copyright?

We hear the term a lot, but do we really know what it means? When the term “copyright” is used, it is referring to the protection provided by the Federal Copyright Act, Title 17 of the United States Code.

The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the creator of the photograph (in this case the Megan VanDort Photography) the exclusive right to copy, edit and distribute the image by sale or transfer.

This Act makes it illegal to copy, scan, edit, or share photographic prints and digital media without the photographer’s permission. Violators of this Federal Law may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Because these photographs are a work of art, I wanted you to know about this important copyright protection. By respecting the law, you help protect the photographer’s rights and it also prevents you from being subject to any prosecution. Beyond that it helps make sure that these photographs retain their original value as a work of art!

If you need additional copies of your prints, would like the right to scan images, or wish to post your images online or in social media accounts, please contact me.  All reasonable requests will likely be accommodated, but some rare cases may require the payment of an additional fee.

If you have questions, just ask! I am more than happy to help answer them!

For more information on copyrights, visit: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/consumer/doingMore/copyright.shtml


Where to Print?

I offer amazing quality prints from a high end professional lab in some Collection Packages as well as my A La Carte menu.  However, if you would like to print your own files I highly recommended that you get prints made through a professional lab such as pinholepress.com (use this code to get great deals, www.pinholepress.com/?prc=MEGANVANDORTPHOTOGRAPHY.) or mpix.com.  While I know the convenience and price going to places like Walmart, Walgreens and Costco is tempting, the quality is GREATLY diminished!  Why pay for quality, custom photography and then get your prints from a VERY low end facility?!  I would be happy to help or guild you in the right direction.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me!


Do you have more questions?  Feel free to contact me!

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