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What is a typical session like?

I have written a great article about what to expect when you book a Boudoir Session with Megan VanDort Photography.  Take a look at it and read all the great aspects of booking your session with me!


How much do you charge?

The typical client spends between $800 - $2,000 per session depending on which luxury products you would like to have.


How do I book a session?

Booking a session is easy!  Just give me a call or send me an email.  We will have a quick 10 minute chat where I will walk you through the process, what I can offer you, answer any questions you may have and for you to get to know me and my personality.  Once we get to know each other and you decide to book, all I need is a Retainer Fee, which will be applied to your session fee.


What products do you offer?

I offer a complete and customized experience from start to finish and deliver high quality, archival and fine art pieces.  Some of my client’s favorite items are luxury albums, boudoir videos, keepsake boxes and metal prints!  During the photo session process, you will get the opportunity to touch an feel samples of my products so you can be assured you are purchasing the perfect gift for yourself and your significant other!


I don’t know how to pose…will you be helping me out?

Of course I will help you with posing!  No one knows how to pose themselves, you aren’t alone.  I help you throughout every pose and fine tune each little detail to ensure you get the most flattering and amazing pictures!  Do you want to diminish your butt and thighs?  Don’t worry I know which poses work to make you look long and lean.  Do you wish you had a fuller chest?  The right pose will make your chest look much bigger.  I pride myself on being able to pose any body shape to make the most flattering angles, so you come out loving the pictures as much as your significant other will!  


How much editing do you do?

I cater the amount of editing towards the specific wants/needs of each client.  Some clients prefer to have no altering or retouching, while others want the full gamut...teeth whitening, wrinkle reduction, blemishes removed, lumps and bumps smoothed out, a little nip/tuck...etc.  My goal is to make you love the images and feel beautiful!


I’m self-conscious about my body.  Should I even do a boudoir session?

I have worked with women of all different shapes and sizes.  I myself am plus size and know how hard it can be to get in front of the camera.  But I know how create amazing images that flatter your body type no matter what size and shape you are in!  There are three key aspects that go in making your body look amazing!  The first is your lingerie.  This plays a huge part in rocking your shoot.  Proper fitting attire and lingerie that accents the best assets, while diminishing the ones you want to hide, are key.  I work closely with all my clients to help them find the best outfits for their body type.  The second is lighting!  Lighting can bring out all the bumps, lumps and uneven skin...or it can hide it all!  I pay close attention to lighting to make sure your skin and body look beautiful.  Third, and most importantly, is posing!  Just slight adjustment in posing can make all the difference from a flattering image to one you don't care for.  Each client has something about themselves that they do not care for.  I work with you to make sure those aspects are diminished and not focused on, while playing up your best features.  All three of these aspects are what make a boudoir session and the images amazing, empowering and beautiful!  I actually love shooting curvy women!  Curves are beautiful, no matter the shape or size.  And I love when my clients want to show them off! 


Will you be posting my pictures on-line?

Your images will never be posted online without your written permission and a signed Model Release!  You can choose to share them all, only specific ones or none at all.  There is no pressure to let me use any images.  I love when clients allow me to show off their beauty, but completely understand if you rather they stay private. 


Do you work with a makeup artist and hair stylist?

I sure do!  I know the best artists in the area.  Having your hair and makeup done for a session, really makes all the difference in the world!  If you would like to meet my premier makeup artist please visit this page.   I let my clients decide if and who they would like to go to whoever as I know what a personal preference this can be.


What should I wear for my session?

Lingerie is so fun and yet scary to shop for!  What is the best outfit for my body shape?  What colors look best on me?  Where do I find the best lingerie?  Don’t worry, I help walk you through the whole process.  We work closely in determining which lingerie is best for your body type.  Then I send you many different choices of lingerie, specifically for you, and where you can buy it from.  Whether you want lingerie you can have for many years or just a beautiful but inexpensive set to wear only for the session, I know where to shop!


Do you shoot out of a studio or in my home?

Yes…to both!  I have a beautiful studio I work out of that has amazing and unique props such as bed, couches and chairs.  I also shoot on-location.  Some people choose this for comfort and an intimate feel.  I am also open to shooting in hotels, if you wish.


Do you offer Payment Plans?

Yes, I do offer payment plans for up to 5 months.  Contact me for more information!